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New Bill Pay System Starting Nov. 7th, 2017

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, Oregonians CU launched a new, enhanced version of our Online Bill Pay service. The new service will offer new features including the ability to accept more electronic bills and new person to person payment feature that makes it easier than ever to pay friends. Best of all, the new bill pay features a new payment model where your account will be charged on the same day the bill issuer receives the funds for your payment!

What you need to know!

  • You will continue to access Bill Pay through online banking. Through 12/19/17, there will be a link to New Bill Pay and a link to Old Bill Pay, in the menu options. Please begin to use the New Bill Pay link as soon as possible. Old bill pay will not be available after Dec. 19, 2017.
  • The majority of your current payees have been converted to the new system. In some instances, a payee may have not converted, so pay close attention. It is easy to enter new payees. Make sure to double check that your payee account information is accurate in the new system before paying a bill.
  • Automatic payments and person to person payments that were setup electronically in the old system were not converted to the new system. You will need to set these up in the new system for them to work. Make sure to discontinue automatic and schedule payments in the old bill pay system before the cutoff.
  • We did our best to ensure we have the most current address and account information but we will also need your help to make sure all of your payments process correctly. It is very important that you login to the new site and ensure that all of your payee account information is accurate.
  • You can open both Bill Pay systems side by side to make it easy to verify information.
  • History of prior payments will not be converted to the new system. Please go to your current payment history listing and print off (or download) any history you think you may need before the old Bill Pay is discontinued. You may contact us at (503)239-5336 if you have questions.
  • When are funds withdrawn from my account? Funds are withdrawn from your account on the payment date that you selected. There is an exception when a paper check must be sent. In this case, funds are withdrawn from your account when the payee posts the payment (deposits the check into their account).

  • The new Popmoney® personal payment service lets you send money to friends, family or almost anyone. All you need is their name and email address or mobile telephone number to move money from your account to theirs.
  • Learn more about the added features of the new service by clicking here.

Contact us at (503)239-5336 if you have questions.

For CheckFree Bill Pay support, call (844) 699-1093.

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