Holiday Skip-A-Pay

2021 Holiday Skip-A-Pay has ended

If you need to skip a loan payment because you've been financially impacted by COVID-19 or the Oregon wildfires, please apply to skip a payment here.



Holiday Skip-A-Pay Program FAQs

When do you offer the Holiday Skip-A-Pay Program?
The Holiday Skip-A-Pay Program is offered seasonally at the discretion of Oregonians Credit Union. Typically, the program is offered in the months of November, December and January.
What Oregonians loans are eligible for Holiday Skip-a-Pay?
Auto loans, personal (signature) loans, RV loans and motorcycle loans. Mortgage loans, home equity loans, credit cards, lines of credit and past-due loans are not eligible.
Is there a fee to Skip-a-Pay?
No, there is no fee to Skip-a-Pay during the 2020 holiday season.
How far in advance do I need to apply to Skip-a-Pay?
You must submit your application and fee five business days before your loan payment due date.
What if I have automatic payments setup?
If you have an automatic payment that is deducted from your Oregonians account, we will suspend the payment during the month you elect to skip. If your monthly payment is generated through a bill payment service or initiated automatically at another financial institution, you are responsible for stopping the payment for the month you are approved to skip.
What if I have already skipped payments on my loan because of COVID-19?
COVID-19 has brought much hardship but we don't want this to keep you from taking advantage of Holiday Skip-a-Pay during the 2020 holiday season. If you have already skipped one or two payments on the loan you would like to now skip, please apply here. If you have already skipped three payments on your loan in 2020, we will be unable to process your Skip-a-Pay request. 

Holiday Skip-A-Pay Program Disclosure
Oregonians reserves the right to deny this benefit to anyone who has not made scheduled payments on time. Holiday Skip-Pay is not available on loans during the first six months of the loan agreement, and it is not available to anyone who has not made continuous payments for the last six months. This offer is NOT applicable to credit lines, mortgage loans, home equity loans or past-due loans. Under most circumstances, one Skip-Pay request is allowed per calendar year. 
Finance charges will continue to accrue on a daily basis at the Annual Percentage Rate set forth in your loan agreement, both during and after the deferral period. This means that this deferral of scheduled payments will result in paying a higher total finance charge and possibly a greater total number of payments. In all other respects, the provisions of your original agreement remain in full force and effect. Skipping a loan payment will extend your loan term past the original amortization schedule. Your next monthly payment will include the finance charges from the skipped month. Monthly fees for debt protection will still be added to the loan balance on the skipped month. Skipping a payment may reduce the amount of GAP claim; please refer to your GAP policy for complete information.