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Get to Know Us

We exist to serve you

Money is no small thing in life, and we're here to help you make the most of it. Oregonians Credit Union has been providing the financial guidance and banking services that Oregonians need ever since our doors opened in 1937. 

A better way to bank

We're a not-for-profit financial cooperative, a credit union, owned by our members. That's right: when you join Oregonians, you're a joint-owner. Being a financial cooperative also means the operational decisions we make are based on the benefit of our members, not stockholders. Any earnings we make are returned to our members in the form of better rates, lower fees, and more free services. We may offer the same products and services as a bank, but our accounts will cost you less (most are free!) and earn you more.

Here's what our CEO, Sam, had to say in Kiplinger Magazine:

"We view every member contact as an opportunity to find ways we can improve lives. For example, a member visited one of our branches to ask about a home equity loan. By taking the time to dig a little deeper, asking more questions, we found we could offer her a much better alternative. By refinancing her first mortgage, she got the funds she needed while reducing her mortgage payments, saving $72,000 over the life of the loan and allowing her to pay off the mortgage five years sooner.

We could have easily approved the home equity loan and she would have been satisfied, but our purpose is to explore every avenue to find member savings."

When you bank with us, we'll dig a little deeper and we'll ask more questions than you may be use to from other financial institutions. We want to ensure we're saving you the most money and offering you a financially healthy solution.

Financial guidance when you need it most

We're here for our members. When unexpected situations arise, when opportunities blossom, when financial situations change - we'll be here to help you make "cents" of this thing called life. We are dedicated to building trusted relationships with our members and offering them the expert financial advice they need. We'll explore every avenue to help you achieve your financial dreams! Start today by connecting with our Member Engagement team. They'll chat with you about your personal financial needs and help you create a plan that will put you on the path to financial success!

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Our Volunteers

As a not-for-profit, financial institution, Oregonians is governed by a Board of Directors elected by our members. Board members serve on a volunteer basis and receive no compensation for their contributions.


  • Jeff Coffman, Chairman
  • Alicia Anderson, Vice Chair
  • Paul Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jim McBride
  • Brian Miller
  • Don Rocheleau
  • Trish Rolin


  • Brian Miller, Chairman
  • Mike Cline
  • Tracie Flannigan
  • Marian Griffiths
  • Jim MacDonald