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Oregonians Saver Hounds Kids ClubThe Saver Hounds Club is our Kids' Club Savings Program. This program is for kids ages 12 and under and helps teach them the value of saving.

Join the Saver Hounds Club by opening a kids savings account with a minimum deposit of $5.00. Kids will earn higher interest in their Saver Hounds account (up to $500) to help them learn the benefits of saving money.

Each club member will receive a Saver Hounds Punch Card and will earn one punch for each deposit over $10.00. When the punch card is full after 8 deposits, members can exchange their punch card for a prize and a chance to win a bigger prize! You will also receive semi-annual newsletters that provide financial education, as well as interactive games and coloring contests.

Current RatesOpen a Saver Hounds Account

*Account earns Regular Share rate for balance over $500. Rate subject to change.

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Stop in at any of our locations or apply online to open your new Saver Hounds Club account!  It only takes a few minutes to start on the path to good saving habits. 
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