Mobile Check Deposit

Snap. Tap. Deposit.

Log in to our app, take a picture of your check, and we'll deposit it for you. It's that simple. Mobile deposit is fully encrypted, and it saves you a trip to the branch.


To start, download our mobile app

If you haven't already enrolled in digital banking, you can enroll in the app.

Android devices

Apple/IOS devices


Make a deposit in our app

To get started, make sure your check is properly endorsed. Your endorsement needs to include your signature, and the words "For mobile deposit only".

    1. Log in to the app
    2. Open the Check tab
    3. Select an account for the deposit to go into*
    4. Enter the check amount
    5. Take a picture of the front of your check
    6. Take a picture of the back of your check
    7. Click Deposit
If there are issues with your check, we'll reach out to you. Remember, it's a good practice to keep checks you deposit for 60 days after - just in case.
Mobile Check Deposit Screenshot

*Mobile Deposits have a 3 business day hold once posted to your account. Mobile Deposit daily limits start at 5 items or a total of $2,500, whichever comes first. Monthly limits start at 10 items or a total of $7,500, whichever comes first. Limits are increased based on deposit and account relationships. Contact us for assistance. Click here for our Mobile Deposit Service Agreement.

**Mobile Deposit requires the latest version of Apple iOS and Android software, or one version prior.