Account Alerts

Stay informed in real-time

You can set text, email and app push notification alerts in digital banking.

How to set alerts

  1. Log in online or in the app
  2. Open the More tab (online) or the hamburger menu (app)
  3. Click Alert Settings 
  4. Open the Account Specific Alerts tab
  5. Click + Add a new alert (online) or Add (app)

Types of alerts

  • Balance alerts
  • Deposit alerts
  • Withdrawal alerts
  • Payment due alerts
  • Periodic balance alerts
  • Direct deposit alerts
  • Debit card transaction alerts
  • Payment overdue alerts

Fraud Alerts

Possibly the most critical alert we offer, and also your best defense against fraud. If you have a mobile number of file with us, you'll be setup for fraud alerts by default. 

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