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Forget the complications of paying bills and transferring your money around.  No more visiting multiple banks to move your money around. As long as you've got a checking account with us, you're good to go.


Bill Pay
No more writing checks, wasting envelopes, or buying stamps.

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Send money to friends and family instantly, via text or email.

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Transfer money to and from your other bank accounts.

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Bill Pay

Why we recommend using bill pay...

Ever forget to update your debit card number with a utility bill after you were issued a new card? Never again. Pay all your bills, all in one place, all in your control.


With our bill pay service, you can:

  • Schedule payments to arrive as soon as next business day
  • Set your routine bills to be paid automatically
  • View your bill history

Most bills to large companies are processed electronically and paid instantly.


Enroll today

Log in to digital banking online or in the app, and click the Payments tab to get started. 

Screenshot of where to find billpay options online and in app



As long as you have their email address, you can send anyone money from your Oregonians CU checking!


How P2P works
  • You send the P2P payment
  • Person receives a text or email 
  • Person answers your security question
  • Person supplies bank account or debit card numbers

Bank account payments will post on the next business day. Debit card payments have a $1 fee and post immediately. 


How to make a P2P payment
  • Log in to digital banking
  • Open the Payments tab
  • Click the button for Bill Pay
  • Select the membership and click Proceed
  • Open the Pay a Person tab
  • Supply the requested info. and click ADD
  • Enter the Amount, Send (date), and click PAY


Transfer Money from from one account to another

Connect your other bank accounts to transfer money. You can transfer money into your Oregonians CU checking, or out of your Oregonians CU checking.


How A2A works
  • Connect your other bank account using your digital banking credentials
  • If you can't connect digitally, provide the bank account numbers
  • Send money to the other account, or pull money from it

Bank account transfers take up to two business days to post.


How to add your other bank accounts
  • Log in to digital banking
  • Open the Payments tab
  • Click the button for Bill Pay
  • Select the membership and click Proceed
  • Open the Transfer Money tab
  • Search for the financial institution and log in*
*If your bank account doesn't appear in the list, scroll to the bottom and click the Can't find your bank? button.