Loan Rates

Rates Accurate as of Today
All rates are subject to change at anytime. Account fees may reduce earnings. For Certificate Accounts, there is a penalty for early withdrawal of principal.

Vehicle Loans

Loan Type Term APR*
2017 & Newer 36 to 84 months 2.69% to 18.00% APR
2012-2016 36 to 84 months 3.19% to 18.00% APR
2011 & Older 36 to 84 months 3.69% to 18.00% APR
First Time Auto Buyer Up to 60 months 12.50% APR
Toy Loans Up to 120 months 5.00% to 13.25% APR

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate.
Toy Loans = New and used RVs, ATVs, boats, motorcylces, snowmobiles, jetskis, trailers, and other recreational vehicles.
Vehicle Loan rates determined by certain credit criteria, collateral and term of loan. Minimum amounts apply to qualify for longer terms and longer terms will increase rates. Payment example: If you borrow $20,000 for 72 months at 4.64% APR, your monthly payment would be $318.78.


Credit Cards

Card Type Grace Period Fees APR*
Visa Credit Card 25 days No Annual Fee 9.90% APR
 *Annual Percentage Rate.

Visa Credit Card Application DisclosureLink to Rate Schedule PDF


Other Loans

Loan Type Term APR*
Unsecured Up to 36 months 9.90% to 12.25% APR
Unsecured Line of Credit1 36 months base 9.90% to 12.25% APR1
Overdraft LOC2  36 months base 13.90% to 16.00%APR2
New Consumer Goods3 Up to 36 months 6.99% to 12.00% APR3
Shared Secured Up to 60 months Share Rate + 2.50% APR
Shared Certificate Secured Certificate Term Certificate Rate + 2.00% APR

*Annual Percentage Rate.
1Annual Fee of $10.00 for Unsecured Lines of Credit.
2Annual fee of $12.00 first charged upon opening. Transfer/advance fee from loan of $2.00. Advances used to cover overdrafts only and are initiated by the credit union. Minimum monthly payment is $25; then 10% of balance, rounded up $5. Limits of $250 to $1,000; cannot exceed limit.
3New consumer goods include furniture, appliances, audio and video equipment, personal watercraft, garden tractors, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers. Must be new merchandise unless titled. A UCC financing statement is filed at borrower cost.

Home Equity

Loan Type Term APR*
Home Equity Loan Up to 120 mos. 4.00% to 8.00% APR
Home Equity Line of Credit | 12-month Intro Rate Up to 120 mos. 2.50% APR
Home Equity Line of Credit Up to 120 mos. 3.75% APR
Home Improvement Up to 120 mos. 6.50% to 9.75% APR

 *Annual Percentage Rate.
VARIABLE RATE. Rate based on prime rate + .50% APR. $25.00 annual fee. Closing costs vary. Consult your tax advisor for your deductibility status.



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