Personal Loans

With a personal loans or personal line of credit, you can borrow funds without providing collateral. You can apply for a fixed amount of money, or a revolving line of credit.

You can use a personal loan for just about anything: bill consolidation, family expenses, medical expenses, vacations, new appliances, furniture, wedding expenses, or even tuition.


We also offer...

RV and Boat Loans

Let Oregonians finance your fun with recreational vehicle loan. With great low rates on new and used boats and RVs, you can't go wrong. Low rates and terms up to 120 months.

Motorcycle Loans

Hit the open road with a low-interest motorcycle loan. Low rates and terms up to 60 months.

Mini Loans

Sometimes you need a little extra cash for those things in life that just come up. Use our Mini Loan to cover yourself in an emergency, for a quick weekend getaway, to buy appliances or electronics, or to cover unforeseen medical expenses. Learn More.

Share Secured Loans

Our Share Secured Loans allow you to borrow using the available funds in your savings account as collateral. Savings Secured Loans have a lower interest rate than personal loans. A great way to establish or reestablish credit.

Overdraft Line of Credit

Get peace of mind with our overdraft line of credit. The Overdraft Line of Credit is attached to your checking account. When funds are not available in your checking account to cover a check, debit or withdrawal, the Overdraft LOC will automatically advance funds to your checking account to cover the amount overdrawn. Then, the check, debit or withdrawal will clear your account.
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Refinance and save

We love to help members save money. Talk to one of our loan professionals to see if we can reduce your interest charges by refinancing your loan from another financial institution.