Digital Upgrade 

New-and-improved Digital Banking

Love our service, hate our app? We hear you - and we've made some major renovations we think you'll love. Coming late Spring, our Digital Banking experience online and on your phone will be new-and-improved.

Key takeaways on the new Digital Banking
    Launch date will be late Spring 2023
    No current features will be lost, but new features will be added
    New and returning users will need to enroll online or in the app
    You'll have one login for all of your Oregonians memberships and accounts
  Our current system will not be available once the new Digital Banking launches
ACTION ITEM: make sure we have the correct email address and phone number on file for you.


What's new?

The new Digital Banking will bring a lot of great new features and current features you love won't go away. However, the way you're used to doing things may change a little. We received the highest number of complaints about our mobile deposit, bill pay and P2P services - these will all be improved.


New features you can get excited about:
  • Manage your Oregonians cards
  • Monitor your credit score
  • Get a balance sneak peak on our app
  • Assign nicknames to your accounts
  • Submit service requests for assistance
  • Let us know when you're traveling
  • Submit domestic wire forms
  • View your ACH account numbers
  • Check balances on your iOS smart watch app

What's changing?

The new Digital Banking will bring changes we anticipate being a convenience for you. Current features you love won't go away. However, the way you're used to doing things may change a little.

Changes we think you'll love:
  • View all of your memberships and accounts using one login
  • Consistent features online and in the app
  • Transfer between your memberships and accounts in one location
  • Enhanced security and multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Reset your password without calling us
  • View your ACH account numbers
Screenshot of MFA login on new digital banking

How can I prepare?

If you're using online banking or the Oregonians mobile app currently, your credentials will not work for the new system. All users, returning or new, will have to enroll.
Here are the steps you can take now to make for a smooth transition

#1 - Verify your contact info

Check your statements or your profile in online banking to make sure we have the right phone numbers and email address for you. If this information is incorrect, call us at 503.239.5336 or visit us at one of our seven branches.


If the information you provide when you enroll doesn't match what we have on file, you'll have to contact us to register. We anticipate very high call volumes when we launch the new system. Please get in touch with us now to confirm your contact information.


#2 - Check your inbox and mailbox

We promise to keep you informed regarding the conversion. This will include emails, statement inserts, direct mailings, and notifications within our current systems you may be using now.


#3 - Be prepared to re-enroll

Our current online banking and app won't work after the new Digital Banking launches. You'll need to enroll in order to access your Oregonians accounts online. If you use our app, you'll need to download the new app.

Information you will need to enroll:
 Member number
 Mailing zip code
 Social Security number
 Email address
 Phone number
These items must all match what we have on file for you.


Have questions?

 Give us a call or text us at 503.239.5336.