Digital Banking

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Welcome to our branch you can access from anywhere. Everything you need to know about digital banking should be on this page, but if not  - get in touch with us.

Download the new app

You can enroll in digital banking right on the new app. 



How do I enroll?

You can enroll on our website or in the new app. To enroll in the app, download the app and click Enroll now on the login page. To enroll online, go to the login box and click Enroll


Enrollment process

How to enroll:
  1. Accept the terms
  2. Supply the required info.
  3. Select a User ID and password
  4. Select your contact preferences
  5. Complete the OTP verification
  6. Review your info. and accounts
  7. Set your default accounts
  8. That's it, welcome to digital banking!
Information you'll need to enroll:
 Member number
 Social Security number
 Email address and/or mobile number
The information you supply when you enroll must match what we have on file for you. Otherwise, you'll need to get in touch with us to enroll.

Help me, please!

Tried to enroll, but it didn't work? Or maybe you'd just like someone to walk you through the new system? We're here to help! We anticipate high call volume, so if it takes a while to reach us we apologize in advance! For more immediate assistance, we recommend texting us.

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Sitting on hold to get your questions answered isn't our idea of a fun time. We've got a lot of the questions we anticipated you might want answers to, right here. Go ahead, ask away!