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Overdraft Line of Credit

Peace of mind with an Overdraft Line

If you're worried you'll overdraft your checking account, our Overdraft Line of Credit may be just what you need to bring some added peace of mind.

How does the Overdraft Line of Credit (LOC) work?

The Overdraft Line of Credit is attached to your checking account. When funds are not available in your checking account to cover a check, debit or withdrawal, the Overdraft Line of Credit will automatically advance funds to your checking account to cover the amount overdrawn. Then the transaction will clear your account.

Overdraft LOCs are convenient

The interest you pay on the Overdraft Line of Credit is significantly less than overdraft fees and a much-cheaper alternative to payday loans. Plus, you can avoid the embarrassment and devastating consequences that can come from bouncing checks.

Make sure you're covered

✓ Maximum credit line of $1,000
✓ Will cover checks, ACH and debit transactions
✓ Funds can only be accessed for overdrafts
✓ $2 per advance fee
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APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Maximum limit of $1,000. Advance fee is $2.00 per item (no daily cap) for which an advance is made; Over drafts include checks, ACH and debit transactions. The account is overdraft only, thus members may not take advances on this account for other purposes. Current late fees apply same as other consumer loans. We may close accounts for excess usage.